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New Beginnings Care Centre has been in existence for 16 years and has a reputation that spreads across South Africa as a place of refuge and care.  Its primary function is a place of refuge for the destitute, substance dependent and economically challenged individuals who have lost hope and support. The New Beginnings Care Centre is a social upliftment initiative aimed at rebuilding people’s lives in order to become self-sufficient contributing citizens.

The Care Centre does not rely on government funding or Lotto funding. Current operational funding is generated via our New Beginnings Learning Academy & New Beginnings Staffing initiatives aswell as New Beginnings Marketing Division.

The Care Centre is the nucleus of the New Beginnings Foundation that has a Board of Directors and audited financial statements are available monthly.

The principle services offered are:
  • Shelter - both short and long term, depending on circumstances of the individual or family
  • Counselling