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The Infinity Group - is a New Beginnings Incubator Initiative with the primary function of diversifying the revenue streams that fund New Beginnings Foundation and its objectives of social change.

The Infinity Group is an initiative aimed at developing three business models under one brand. The business model is unique in its approach to offering private label products at competitive pricing through Infinity Stores to the public, Infinity Brands to the wholesale and retail trade and Infinity Direct to individual entrepreneurs as start-up businesses.

Thabisa Foundation – Need to find your purpose in life? Not sure where or how to start?

Thabisa foundation might have the answer to your problem. We have put together a very exiting “ministry/missions” programs that will give you the opportunity to find yourself. Not as extensive as a “gap year” programs, we give you the choice of shorter driven schedules that will introduce you to different aspects of life. Want to find out more? Please contact us or click on the Thabisa Foundation side bar tab for opportunities.