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New Beginnings Learning Academy is a funding vehicle for New Beginnings Foundation and more importantly New Beginnings Care Centre, a social upliftment initiative aimed at rebuilding people’s lives. The Learning Academy generates profit that is in turn directed to the Care Centre as its primary funder.  This model is unique in approach and execution and is continuously being developed by the consistent and focused effort of the management within the New Beginnings Foundation.

In 2012 New Beginnings Learning Academy become a wholly owned subsidiary of the New Beginnings Foundation through a restructuring process to better services provided to both the community and our clients.  This also reflects our corporate identity as a Non-Profit and a Public Benefit Organisation and a truly effective Corporate Social Investment opportunity.

Our People
  • Our intellectual capital is made up of individuals who are entrepreneurial by nature, progressive, and thrive on finding solutions that create value for the community, our clients as well for our business.