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Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Corporate Social Investment originated from philanthropy when the value it added to the reputation of the organisation was recognized. Previously, the terms CSI and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) were used interchangeably, but have now been defined separately. CSR refers to an organisation’s total responsibility towards the business environment in which it operates. CSI aims to uplift communities in such a way that the quality of life is generally improved and safeguarded. CSI encompasses projects that are external to the normal business activities of a company and not directly for purposes of increasing company profit. These projects have a strong developmental approach and utilise company resources to benefit and uplift communities and are not primarily driven as marketing initiatives.

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Benefits of our Social Investment
  • Comply with the CSI & B-BBEE Score Cards.
  • Claim up to 1% of Net Profit After Tax.(NPAT)
  • Create a Corporate Social Conscience for all staff and management.
  • Benefit from the marketing opportunity when supporting New Beginnings Care Centre.
  • Building a brand with a Social Conscience.
  • Section 18 A - Claim up to 10% of your spend under Section 18 A of the income tax act.
Why develop a CSI Strategy?
  • By becoming a good corporate citizen you can improve your organisation’s competitive edge in terms of attracting and retaining investors, clients and employees.
  • CSI demonstrates the 'heart' of your company and can enhance your credibility.
  • Improve the living conditions of your employees, their families and the communities in which you operate, thereby creating a sense of employee satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Contribute to and support your marketing tools: i.e. brand awareness.
  • Align your company with industry charters: SRI (Social Responsibility Index) and GRI (Global Reporting Index).
  • Stabilize the social and economic environment.
  • Generate new business ideas.
  • Generate inquiries about your business operations.
  • Enhance your company’s corporate image and ultimately your Return On Investment.
B-BBEE Project Management   

New Beginings Care Centre is the Resource Centre from which many projects operate. Main objectives are:

Assist Companies with their B-BBEE portfolio thus gaining maximum points on the DTI Score Card. 

To provide Managers and employees involved in the B-BBEE /CSI/CSR Portfolio /Community Development support process within Corporate Departments, Government and National Agencies to effectively facilitate the development of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment and Corporate Social Investment/ Responsibility Policy.

To identify, implement,monitor and evaluate  Corporate Social Investment initiatives, screen applications for funding and evaluate the progress of the projects.

Create awareness within the Corporate Sector of B-BBEE policy and deliver a professional custom solution.

Through our evaluations and progress reporting, we are able to evaluate and assess each project individually and tailor their needs from grass roots to sustainability and provide the necessary skills to achieve productive innovative Micro Enterprises that contribute to the South African Economy.