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Care Centre Bathrooms:

Due to the nature of our environment (old buildings) and the high turn-over of residents, mostly negligent in regard to property, we regularly have to upgrade and maintain our bathrooms. We require constant support to be able to maintain these areas but are not financially able to cope with the demands related to this. Resources, like tiles, paint, sanitary equipment etc. and funding can greatly relieve the stresses in these areas.   

Care Centre Crèche:

We are currently looking to rebuild our crèche environment. Our current buildings consist of old dilapidated Zozo huts which are not conducive to a friendly, nurturing child caring environment. To rebuild our crèche we would require resources or funding allowing us to establish easy maintainable classrooms of a semi-permanent nature. 

Care Centre walk in fridges:

We house, clothe and feed many thousands of residents and community members daily. All our food storage fridges require regular maintenance which can be a costly exercise. We would also like to convert one of our cold storage areas into a freezer unit capable of handling our meat resources. Assistance is required to build this area into a freezer unit.

Care Centre Feeding Scheme

We feed more than 1400 residents and distribute food on a daily basis to more than 90 community feeding schemes, with the help of Danone we are able to support these initiatives.
With resources becoming scarce, we appreciate any support and/or donations you are able to assist us with toward our initiative.