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Our clients are our partners in our initiative to change people’s lives. Creating working partnerships can increase the extent of our reach well beyond our individual efforts. Relationship building with honesty, integrity being the core values we honour with our prospective investors/partners. Every investment made with New Beginnings Incubator is directly utilised in the funding of the Incubator and results in a measurable, managed and effective Corporate Social Investment.

  • Segametsi:

    With a strong focus on upliftment and opportunity creation for the previously disadvantaged, Segametsi has joined forces with our Incubator section to develop new business opportunities through a Co-operation structure. This allows the entrepreneurial minded to join forces and reach potential at a much quicker rate.
  • Le-Sel Research:

    Le-Sel Research has become a valuable partner to our Incubator project. Le-Sel supports this initiative through product supply to our Infinity Branded Store. Le-Sel is also committed to become a partner in job creation and Entrepreneurial development through our Infinity concept
  • T3 Plastics

    T3 Plastics is a strategic partner to our Infinity process. T3 supplies as well as advises our new venture through their extensive knowledge of the packaging and plastic container industry. This will form a crucial part of our Infinity stores process